Junior Timeline


Junior Timeline


  • Take Practice PSAT for test in October.
  • Register for the PSAT.
  • Sign up for extracurricular activities.


  • Attend college fairs in your area.
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT.
  • Be sure to check “yes” for Student Search Service on the test to hear about colleges and scholarships.


  • You will receive your scores from the PSAT.  Use that as a guide for the upcoming SAT you will take in the spring.
  • Talk to friends about college who are home for the holidays.


  • Start to gather personal information that you will need for college applications (social security number…etc.).
  • Collect all the college information you will begin to receive and organize it by demographics, majors and extra-curricular activities.


  • Attend scheduled seminars with your guidance counselor.
  • Register for the March SAT.
  • Schedule visitations to colleges of interest for the spring.  ***Be sure to visit when school is in session and set up an interview with admissions officers.***
  • Strive to maintain good grades and have involvement in activities.


  • Research colleges about admissions (grades, SAT scores, high school rank), application process (forms and deadlines), and finances (cost of attendance, financial aid, etc.)
  • Inquire about the ACT test.  See if it might be more appropriate for you.


  • Testing – ACT is usually offered at this time of year.  Look into the May or June SAT.
  • Senior year class selection.  Be sure to keep a challenging curriculum.
  • Attend local college fairs.


  • Take the ACT, SAT exams that you have registered for.
  • Look into getting a summer job or apply for enrichment programs.


  • Set your summer schedule.
  • Talk to teachers about writing letters of recommendation for you.

July & August

  • Update your resume with junior year activities & accomplishments.
  • Start thinking about college majors related to your interests & career goals.
  • Request applications, brochures and financial aid information from the colleges that interest you.

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