Sophomore Timeline



  • Look into taking the PSAT.
  • Start your own checklist of important dates.
  • Begin to mange your time.  Prioritize your activities, academic and social. (It’s what college is all about).


  • Start getting involved.  The level of involvement is more important then the number of activities.
  • Consider part-time employment.


  • Academic performance is crucial.  Starting this year grades are on your record.
  • Make a portfolio of academic achievements, volunteer work, and any personal accomplishments.


  • Talk to friends or family about college firsthand when they are home on break.
  • If PSAT’s were taken, review results and take action on how to prepare for future standardized tests.


  • Get a good start on the semester.  Grades tend to slide in the Spring.


  • Register for Junior year courses.  Be sure to challenge yourself.  Colleges look positively on AP and Honors courses completed.


  • Register for the SAT II Subject test.  These tests are 1 hour exams testing you on classes and information you have already completed.  The practice and information is priceless for the SAT.

April & May

  • Take SAT II if offered
  • Think about your Summer plans as far as productivity.

June, July, & August

  • Do your required reading and then some.
  • Consider crossword puzzles or other brain activities to stay sharp and increase vocabulary.

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